February 08 2023 16:19
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Grand Opening!
Alright everyone, you may now start playing. If you have changed anything since last night, I will get to it within the next hour or two. All teams will be added once I am presented with a final team membership list.

Updates are usually done at or very close to midnight every night. Fights, adding points, and buying are always updated first and then the learning, working, and training is added last. So make sure you post what you want to learn AFTER doing everything else. If you post to learn an attack at 7 in the morning and then win a fight and then add those points to int at 10 at night, then you will not get the extra points added to your learning since you added them after posting to learn the attack.

Please remember guys, that I am doing all the updating and running this place all on my own right now. So don't be angry if your not updated on time, even though I usually am always on time about it. I work during the evenings and usually get home around 10 or 11 pm eastern time. I'm up most of the night until dawn usually and sleep most of the day. Yes I work 2nd shift. So don't get upset if you message me and I don't reply, I'm either asleep or at work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask either on the message boards or on AIM. I'm not a scary guy, I promise. I'll answer you to the best of my ability.

So lets have some fun and be looking forward to some big news in the next week or two...


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