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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

This is the hall of fame for the past owners of Final Battle this is real its not made up and the ppl are not currently on the site only Goku and Gotenks that is described as being current owner is the only person that is on the site and Turles and Yamcha were recently on the site there s/n's were Turles: Szarum09(or Crazytown09420) and Yamcha: Alieyus Neo this is the history of Final Battle and I (Goku) and my Cousin Gotenks are determined to keep Final Battle alive!!!

Future Trunks was the creator of the origonal Final Battle he owned it for a very short time and gave it to Nail

Nail helpped out some when Future Trunks owned it but when Trunks left he was the only one left so he became the owner of Final Battle then he eventually gave it to Goten

Goten had gotten it then he picked some friends to help him run it and it went on like that for 2 years they held Final Battle the longest(but im working on beating them) then the time came for Goten to hand it down to some one else and that happened to be my good friend Turles

Turles let some one else be an owner which was Gotenks but Gotenks was an ass never helpped out and one day just left and never came back so Turles let some one else help him run it as an owner which too is one of my good friends Yamcha those two made the site easier for newbies to understand so in all Turles held Final Battle for about half a year then the time came for him to give the site to some one else which was me Goku

Back more than a year ago when me and my Cuz goku were getting into dbz and the rpg's were on the final battle site. Turles gave it to goku and goku made me a master of the site. I didnt do to much but as goku said someone got the password and deleted almost everything so we decided to make our own from the style of final battles (Known as Goku and Goten's DBZ RPG). After a while (few months) we deciced to bring back final battle and we changed stuff around and brought it to where it is today. And when the time comes Me(Gotenks) and Goku will pass this down to a wise person who can keep this sites legacy running for generations and generations.

Goku(me) only had the origonal Final Battle a few days until some one got the pw and deleted most of the pages so Goku deleted the account but it tore him apart that he had did that so he decided to to re-create Final Battle and he changed a few things around and got Final Battle back up and running b/c b4 Goku got it, it was doing fine but there werent many members on Final Battle but Goku changed that and got many ppl to join and has kept it running ever since til this day and i hope to keep it for atleast 2 more years and who will be the lucky person that Goku gives Final Battle to.....



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