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Training Scenarios
Training Scenarios

Training Scenarios

This is where you come to train with the many masters found in Dragon Ball Z. You may train with them at any time, as long as you meet the requirements. You can only train with the same person once. You don't have to go in any particular order.

When you look at their page, you'll find that they don't have any set stats or moves. Their stats are dependent upon the person that challenges them. Example - Grandpa Gohan's stats say Low, so he will be relatively easy to beat; whereas King Kai's stats say Very High, so he will be extremely difficult to defeat. You will never know what their stats are, but if you're clever enough, you can figure them out during the battle...although that doesn't mean they will be same if you lose and try again later.

Their attacks are also determined by who his challenging them. When you challenge them, you will be told what their attacks are for that fight. Once you challenge them, you can not back out, if you do they will kill you for being a coward.

Once you have beaten them in a fight, you may train with them. Below are their pages, requirements to challenge them/train with them, and the rewards for training with them.

NOTE: All Masters below DO NOT NEED KI. They have an infinite amount.

Grandpa Gohan

Grandpa Gohan teaches you the basics of martial arts, so you really won't gain much for training with him, except, a good foundation in fighting.
Requirements: +/-500 spirit and 25,000 toughness
Rewards: An extra 1,250 points per day in addition to your normal training.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi teaches you how to become even stronger.
Requirements: +/-1,500 spirit and 50,000 toughness.
Rewards: An extra 2,500 points per day in addition to your normal training.


Korin teaches you further in the martial arts. Just because he's a cute and cuddly little kitty cat doesn't mean he can't kick some ass.
Requirements: +/-3,000 spirit and 100,000 toughness.
Rewards: An extra 5,000 points per day in addition to your normal training.


Kami teaches you some of the more advanced fighting skills.
Requirements: +/-5,000 spirit and 150,000 toughness.
Rewards: An extra 10,000 points per day in addition to your normal training.

King Kai

King Kai teaches you how to become even stronger. He is the strongest Martial Arts master you can train with.
Requirements: +10,000 spirit and 250,000 toughness.
Rewards: An extra 20,000 points per day in addition to your normal training.

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