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Special Power Ups
Special Power ups
Secret Power Ups

NOTE : As you will read soon each type of secret power up has requirments and certian location look around and read to find out, can only get the power up once

Yemma Fruit

(The location you must be to get yemma fruit is the next dimension/hell, beat king kai in heaven or both demons in hell)
x2 strength, speed, toughness | REQ : must beat both demons at the same time in hell, to do if your good must beat the kai u r at.

King Kai Power Up

(this power up can only be gained if you are dead and recieved by King Kai)
x1.5 battle stats | REQ : Dead at King Kais (good only)

Gurus Release

(The location for gurus release you must be is namek)
x2 energy, vitality, intelligance | REQ : + 10,000 spirit must be blessed by guru

Majin Control

(this power up can only be gained if you are on the planet majin from babidi)
x1.5 battle stats | REQ : Must sell your soul to babidi (evil only)


(this power up can only be gained while being dead from dia kaioshin)
x1.5 all stats | REQ : + 20,000 spirit


(this power can be gain from Dr. Gero on Earth)
1.5x all stats | REQ: -20,000 spirit

Tree of Might

(Must be on planet Arlia to recieve this) x2 energy, vitality, intelligance | REQ : - 10,000 spirit



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