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Special Suits
NOTE : You may not own more than one suit of armor. If you buy another then the inferior one will be taken away from you.

Low Class Armor: Adds 1% armor to your "Natural Armor" | $10,000

Normal Armor: Adds 2% armor to your "Natural Armor" | $25,000

Elite Armor: Adds 3% armor to your "Natural Armor" | $75,000

Super Elite Armor: Adds 4% armor to your "Natural Armor" | $150,000

Royal Armor: Adds 5% armor to your "Natural Armor" | $250,000

Here is where you will find all your cloathing ranging from armor to weighted cloathing. Also you may wanna look around at the weighed cloathing all in all you can only buy up to 30% worth.

NOTE : User's can only have a max percentage addedage of weighted cloathing that is equal to 30%.

Weighted Boots : +5% training | 1,500$
Weighted Cape : +20% training | 12,000$
Wighted Cloak : +15% training | 7,500$
Weighted Pants : +15% training | 7,500$
Weighted Shirt : +10% training | 4,000$
Weighted Wristbands : +5% training | 1,500$


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