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Racial Abilities
Racial Abilities

Racial Abilities

All these abilities are race specific obviously, if you fuse with someone of the other race the stronger characters racial abilities apply not both; also if your a half breed then what ever transformation you have is what racial ability you have, ex. Gohan is a half Saiyan half Human, but since he has Saiyan transformations he has the Saiyan abilities. If your ability involves a person being KO'ed to work then you must be the person to KO them inorder to use it, can not use it on a KOed person who was knocked out by someone else. These abilities are automatic meaning you do not have to learn them, they begin working from the start.


Breathe in Space - Allows the Alien to fly in space without a space ship and cuts the travel time from planet to planet in half, only 24 hours to travel between planets.

Saiyan Hatred - If a Saiyan is present in the battle the Alien will receive a 10% increase to all attack damage.


Reduced Ki Expenditure (Excluding Cell) - The Android does not need to use as much Ki to perform attacks thus all attacks require 25% less ki to use(must have normal required ki to use the attack). Also all transformations use no ki to sustain the form

Metallic Body (Excluding Cell) - Androids have a metallic skeleton which gives them an increased natural defense to attacks, so their "Natural Armor" is increased to 10%, they can also buy armor to increase this further.

Power Absorbption (Cell Only) - Once your opponet is KOed you then absorb them using your tail gaining 10% of their ki as ep, thus killing them. Twice a month.


Ambition - Humans strive to keep up in strength as the rest of the races so they train extra hard. Humans receive 5% more points from training per day.


Inter-Demensional Teleportation - Kaioshins are able to teleport to the Next Deminsion and train there without having to die.


Henka Beam (Buu Only) - When someone is KOed Buu can turn them into candy and eat them thus killing them. He recieves 10% of their Ki as ep, can only use 2 times a month.

Majin Control (Excluding Buu) - By allowing Babadi to take control of your soul the user gains a 5% increase to their battle stats (STR, SPD, VIT, E, and KI) during battles only.


Dead Zone - Once someone is KOed the Makyian can call forth the Dead Zone to suck that person up, killing them for 2 weeks instead of the normal 1 week; but the user is KO'ed from using too much power to summon the Dead Zone.

Summon Makyo Star - Allows the user to call forth the Makyo Star on the weekends. The Makyo Star normally appears Wednesdays and Fridays. Allows Makyians to transform.


Namekian Intelligence - they recieve 6% int for learning and 12% int for mastering.

Regeneration - Every turn the Namekian regenerates 10% of their maximum base Vit (can not exceed max vit).

Soft bodies - Since Namekians' bodies are similar to plants, their bodies are softer and therefore have no "Natural Armor", but they can equip armor.


Saiyan Pride - If a Saiyan is KOed they receive 25% more points.

Shadow Dragons

Shadow dragons do not need any items in order to search for the dragon balls and they only need half the time required to find each ball (rounded up).



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