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Attacks and Techniques

Here is the page that shows all the commands in the rpg.Here is where you will look over your attacks and techniques.Here is where you will decide what moves you wanna learn so look over these attacks and techniques carefully and decide wich ones you wanna learn. (Top Row = Attacks | Bottom Row = Techniques)

Low | Medium | Strong | Elite

Stop | Medium | Strong | Elite

Transformation Control

Learn to control your new transformations so you can use them in battle, then master them in order to use them while training.

Controlling Transformations

Weaponary Attacks and Techniques

Here are the pages that show all the weaponary attacks in this rpg you can either use a weapon or a arm blaster that is up to you or both! Look over the attacks and few techniques that i have in the below link and decide what moves you wanna learn.Also take notice each attack/technique ect... can only be used once.

Swords | Blasters


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